May 29, 2023

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Charity Gala – Celebrating 10 Years of FHF (Friends of HUE Foundation)

Friends of HUE Foundation Proudly Presents:rn rnCharity Gala – Celebrating 10 Years of FHFrn rnTo you, our friend and supporter:rn rnThe flood of 1999 in Central Vietnam , the region€™s worst flood of the century, left behind countless victims. In response to their rescue calls, we went to Vietnam to shelter children who lost their parents to that devastating natural catastrophe, provide warm clothes and decent meals to the homeless, seek medical care for those afflicted with diseases, and help people whose lifetime possessions vanished overnight restore their economic stability and dignity. Since then, we have grown into a full-fledged charitable organization with multiple programs designed to improve the lives of the needy and disadvantaged around Thua Thien province and Hue , the old capital. For the past ten years, our members and volunteers have worked tirelessly without any compensation to raise more than half a million dollars which have translated to an array of services confirmed to have a great positive impact on the local people. Our service programs include a well-recognized Children Shelter, a vibrant Vocational Training Center , an effective micro-financing program, crucial on-location medical services for people in remote communities, and life-saving heart surgeries for children waiting at what could have been the final stop of their existence.rn rnTen years have passed. Ten years we faithfully stood by and supported the people we served.rn rnTragedy now strikes again. The unprecedented economic crisis of 2008 robbed us of the financial support from many of our donors. Organizations like ours are running the risk of becoming an endangered species. All of us need to chart a new course of action to avoid such disaster. That course of action begins with a renewal of the unshakable commitment to help those who depend on us to meet the basic demands of life. But the question remains: €œHow will we survive?rn rnWe will make sacrifice. And we will need you, our friend and supporter, who understands that receiving comes from giving, that €œa bite in hunger is more fulfilling than a meal in satiation. Má»™t miếng khi đói bằng gói khi no. We need you, now more than ever!rn rnOn Sunday, February 7th, 2010, we need you to come and join us to prepare for our future. Together.rn rnOn Sunday, February 7th, 2010, let us celebrate your continuing support and contributions, monetary or otherwise, through all this time, and mark our modest accomplishments together during the past 10 years. Let us recognize the gift of life that you have continuously bestowed upon the people we serve, and the spiritual fuel that you have supplied and will continue to supply us so that we can go on with our journey. Let us together celebrate the modest symbol of humanity which we have known as the Friends of Hue Foundation.rn rnOn Sunday, February 7th, 2010, let us spend an evening of enjoyment and laughter. Laugh with Dat Phan, the nationally recognized comedian; listen to the musical performance of the exotic Saigon Chamber Ensemble; and be captivated by the €œJourney of the Half Questions, an original art exhibition. Let us take a break and taste some good wines. And of course, let us enjoy the gourmet dishes prepared by the talented chefs of Ranch Golf Club. We will take a break to indulge ourselves on this occasion before we again forge ahead.rn rnTIME: 4:30 PMrnDATE: Sunday, February 7, 2010rnPLACE: The Ranch Golf Clubrn4601 Hill Top View Lane, San Jose , CA 95112 MAPrn (408) 270-0557 rnTICKETS: $75 – general ticketrn $100 – VIP ticketrn $120 – couple (2 tickets)rn $500 per table (10 tickets)rn $50 €“ students and volunteersrn rnTo purchase a ticket please contact:rn Thien-Nhien Luong at (408) 623-0211 or orrn Jenny Do at (408)455-0175 or jennydolaw@gmail.comrn Send an email to info@friendsofhue.orgrn rnDon’t Miss This Meaningful Event! Come and dine and share time with the FHF family, our supporters, volunteers and members. Come and keep our fire burning!rn rnAll U.S.-based members of Friends of Hue Foundation serve as unpaid volunteers, and all proceeds from this event will go directly to the Children Shelter established and operated by FHF in the city of Hue .rn rnThis year, FHF has to confront formidable challenges resulting from the national and global recession. In continuing our mission serving children and families in need, we are stretching the limits of our available resources. The costs of bringing up a child in our shelter have risen from $250 per year in 2005 to more than $500 per year in 2008! Food prices in Vietnam have more than doubled during the past few years and consequently have required FHF to increase our food budget allocation. rn rnOn another pressing matter, people in remote areas around Thua Thien continue to suffer a serious lack of basic health care. FHF has responded to this urgent need by organizing €œmobile health clinics to bring basic medical care to those areas. Each €œclinic serves approximately 200 individuals and costs approximately $500. rn rnYou can help us by sponsoring a FHF child or a €œmobile medical clinic. To ease the financial burden that this sponsorship may create, you can ask a friend to form a joint sponsorship. WE NEED YOUR HELP!rn rnIf you cannot attend our Charity Gala please choose to donate through FHF€™s secure online donation portal or send in your donation to:rn rn Friends of Hue Foundationrn P.O. Box 1823rn San Jose , CA 95109rnrnnnrnrn