May 21, 2022

Information, event, news, and announcement in Hue, Vietnam

German Red Cross: Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction in selected counties of Hue Province in Vietnam

Press release:rnrnThanks to a contribution made by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, the German Red Cross in close cooperation with the Vietnam National Red Cross (VNRC) is implementing a DRR project in the Hue province of Vietnam between June 2011 and December 2012.rnrnVietnam is one of the most disaster prone countries of Asia because of its geographic situation and long coastline exposed to typhoons. Hit time after time by floods as well as droughts, Vietnam is ranked 14th on the list of priority countries of the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR). rnrnBecause of its exposed coastal location, the country is one of those most severely affected by climate change. Some climate trends are already felt in Vietnam nowadays, such as a rise in average temperatures, lower annual precipitations, increased rainfall during the autumn months and more frequent extreme weather conditions such as heat waves, cold spells and up to 8 or 10 annual typhoons, with a rising trend. rnrnThe project is implemented in close consultation with local authorities and will generate close synergies with other DRR projects. The main aim of the project is to contribute towards the reduction of impact of natural disasters in Vietnam and an estimated total of almost 48.000 people living in six counties of the Hue Province will benefit from improved DRR mechanisms. rnrnFunctioning community response teams will be formed and trained and be ready for DRR related activities in the six selected communities. Furthermore the local capacities to cope with disasters will be strengthened through the identification of natural hazards, different community awareness meetings and the maintenance of existing community based early warning systems. Finally school children, parents and teachers of selected schools will learn about natural risks as well as ways to reduce such risks.