December 8, 2022

Information, event, news, and announcement in Hue, Vietnam

List German filmf estival in Hue September (Fri.) – 19th September 2012 (Wed.)rnVenue: Center for Culture & Informationrn41A Hung VuongrnLieu Quan Buddhist Cultural Centerrn15A Le LoirnFree tickets in: Center for Culture & Information, 41A Hung VuongrnLieu Quan Buddhist Cultural Center, 15A Le Loi rnFrom 06.09.2012rnrn14th September (Fri.)rn6.30pmrn7pm OpeningrnPromising the Moon (104 Minutes) ***rn15th September (Sat.)rn3pmrn7pm Men in the City 2 (112 Minutes) ***rnLessons of a Dream (113 Minutes) ***rn16th September (Sun.)rn3pmrn7pm The crocodiles 3 – All for One (83 Minutes) ***rnSummer Window (96 Minutes) ****rn17th September (Mon.)rn7pm When We Leave (123 Minutes) ***rn18th September (Tue.)rn7pm Winter Daughter (90 Minutes) ***rn19th September (Wed.)rn7pm Three Fourths Moon (85 Minutes) ****rnrn(*) German language, English and Vietnamese subtitlesrn(**) German language, Vietnamese subtitlesrn(***) German language, English subtitles, Vietnamese voice-overrn(****) German language, Vietnamese voice-over