October 1, 2023


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SeABank Allowed To Open Branch In Hue

SeABank allowed to open additional branches (03/01/2014)rnrnThe State Bank of Vietnam issued Documents No. 9838, 9839, 9840, 9841, 9842/NHNN-TTGSNH on December 31 to permit the Southeast Asia Joint – Stock Commercial Bank (SeABank) to open two new branches in the provinces of Ca Mau andThua Thien Hue and three new branches in Ho Chi Minh City .rnrnSeABank is responsible for inaugurating these branches in accordance with Circular No. 21/2013/TT-NHNN dated September 9, 2013 on the operational network of commercial banks and the other relevant regulations. The Documents will cease to be effective if the bank fails to inaugurate these branches within 12 months from the signing date of the Documents.rnrnDH