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Hue Festival 2018 attracts nearly 1.2 million attendees

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Update5/4/2018 3:53:15 PM

On May 3rd, Hue Festival 2018 Press Conference was held by Hue Festival 2018 Organizing Committee. Chairing the event were Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, Head of Hue Festival 2018 Organizing Committee Nguyen Dung; Director of Culture and Sport Department Phan Tien Dung; Director of Hue Monument Conservation Center Phan Thanh Hai, Vice Director in charge of Hue Festival Center Huynh Tien Dat.
As informed by Organizing Committee, Hue Festival 2018 attracted nearly 1,2 million attendees including 400.000 tourists. The event brought together 1.400 professional artists including 388 artists from international art troupes and 1.000 domestic artists as well as thousands of extras participating in other activities. Within 6 day-long event, there were 38 art programs (80 stages) with colorful festivities and nearly 50 community cultural activities held at 17 stages and destinations in province.
On this occasion, 600 reporters from nearly 100 domestic news agencies, 12 foreign reporters from 8 international news agencies attended and reported. Over 6.000 articles about Hue Festival 2018 were published and extracted on newspapers, magazines, websites and electronic newspapers.
At the event, Organizing Committee frankly answered questions for a more professional Festival season in the future.
Speaking at the event, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, Head of Hue Festival 2018 Organizing Committee Nguyen Dung hoped to be excused for all shortcomings and receive wholehearted feedbacks from international friends, which enables the Organizing Committee to learn experience and head to develop Hue as a special Festival city.